Male Student - Age 12

Sept 19

Counselling is good because they don't tell anyone what you say, once you have spoken about it you feel much better.

Female Student - Age 12

Sept 19

I found this useful as I have been able to say what I had needed to because I had somebody to talk to

Female Student - Age 15

May 19

When I first started my head was everywhere and I had dark thoughts. But, since I have had counselling, over time I feel like I've gotten stronger and those dark thoughts are going away.​

Female Student - Age 17

May 19

What did you find positive about the therapy?

I felt comfortable talking about any of my worries or concerns and that anything has a resolution to it if I allow myself to do it. It helped me to see the bigger picture and to value myself.

What did you find unhelpful about the therapy?

I didn't find anything unhelpful, everything discussed in each session helped me in one way or another.

Male Student - Age 13

May 19

What did you find positive about the therapy?

Helped create basic foundations of self-worth, how I should focus on my successes and not so much on failures, while still taking accountability to improve upon them.

What did you find unhelpful about the therapy?

More so on my behalf, not knowing what I can talk about or me being too embarrassed to discuss, deeming it ridiculous to talk about.

Mature Female client

Oct 19

Allison is nothing short of amazing!


She really allowed me to explore my feelings, emotions, experiences and decisions within a safe, supportive and comfortable environment. Each session developed a new layer of trust between us, which really helped to cover a plethora of topics. I would highly recommend her services to all and any and look forward to having more sessions with her in the future.

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